Huge Success At CES 2010

Team Research Inc. had a great CES and drew more attention than it ever has.  The line-up of new products and prototypes was truly amazing.  Products like the MOLE IP Network Camera, the 7 inch Astak MID, a new Micro Camcorder, and a vast array of released and soon-to-release eBook Readers were a real hit.

From the first hour of the show, the biggest difference between this year and last year was the media!!  Team Research packed them in and the reviewers and cameras were everywhere.  Thanks to a suggestion by Astak made last year, CES had a special eBook Tech Zone.  Reviewers and attendees came for the eBook Readers and stayed for the other offerings!

And… what offerings they were!  Imagine an IP network Camera that sets up in three simple steps, Pan&Tilt controlled from your smart phone, has built-in DVR and Night Vision , H.264 technology, and motion detection!  You are talking about the new MOLE!  This camera is simple to get working and even sends alerts to your phone when motion is detected.  Hang it from a ceiling or place it on your living room table… it just never stops protecting.  Comes wired or Wi-Fi too.  Be home or at your office VIRTUALLY from 7,000 miles away!  Even has two-way audio: “Fido, get off the couch” to “The police are now arriving”.

The Micro-Camcorder stunned everyone.  About the length of a credit card and half as wide… you can capture all the action at sporting events, newsworthy events, car crashes, or a birthday party!  Team research showed it on the helmet of a mountain bike rider!  Have your favorite caddy shoot video of your round of golf!  Give everyone a laugh as you ski and fall down a slope!  Displays on your PC via USB cable.

Imagine, now, a CLEAR Touch Screen eBook Reader.  Astak’s new model was on display.  Where almost all existing touch screen eBook Readers decrease resolution by about 35%... this  is crystal clear and uses Wi-Fi to download eBooks.  Also showed two different 6 inch devices, a fabulous full-featured 5 inch, and a 9 inch eBook Reader.

How about an MID?  Our 7 inch MID does it all!  Read eBooks, play games, has a web-cam, camera, full web browser, and so much more.  This prototype was very HOT at CES!! Again, thank you for making the 2010 CES a great success of Astak and Team Research.